Bonefish Capital

Fishing Acklins Island
Fishing Acklins Island is becoming one of the premier destinations for world-class bonefishing.  Relatively undiscovered it is an angler's dream. The fishery is nearly untouched because there is no tourism except for sport fishing on the island, the islands remote location and the limited air schedule.  

The tidal flats and creeks of Acklins are a fishermans paradise.  Acklins Island's expansive flats offer anglers everything they seek in the Bahamas.  The flats are vast, the waters are generally smooth and you can fish the area year-round within minutes of the lodge.   Because of the southern location of Acklins Island the weather patterns are very favorable and cold fronts tend to pass around the island.  

Are you ready to get ripped?   The average Bonefish caught is 3-4 pounds and they are hard-core reel screamers.   You will get shots at 6 -10 pound fish on a daily basis.  The largest recorded fish caught by a Grey's Point guest is 16 pounds.  Singles, cruising groups and tailing fish are abundant.  There are excellent numbers of fish and it is not unusual on some flats to see 3 - 4 groups of  50 - 200 tailing fish in a group at one time. 

Grey's Point Bonefish Inn location is at the center of the fishery.  The numerous flats directly in front of your room are some of the best the island has to offer and they are but 100 feet from your room.   In addition to Bonefishing, deep-sea and reef fishing trips are available and trips can be booked on our 23 foot sportfisherman boat.  Bonefish are the primary target but other fish available include shark, barracuda, jacks, permit and tarpon. Offshore you can fish for grouper, snapper, yahoo, tuna, dorado and mackerel.

Check out our Map page to see where we are at amongst the flats.

Whether you are a first time fisherman or an experienced saltwater angler everyone can experience this unique fishery.  Searching for quantity or quality -- we have it all!

Flats Fishing
While fishing the flats you can expect a combination of wading the flats and poling from a flats skiff boat.  Whether you wade or pole depends upon the tides, your personal stamina and your personal fishing preferences.  A full day of fishing starts at 8:30 am and lasts until 5:00 pm.  

Grey's Point Bonefish Inn Flats
Extend your day of fishing by wading the flats directly in front and around Grey's Point Bonefishing Inn.  These flats are some of the best the island has to offer and they are 100 feet from your room.

We have two canoes and one kayak for your use.

Experienced Fisherman
Looking for that trophy bonefish?  We know their habits and where they hang out. You have an excellent chance at catching big fish.  You will get your shots.  The biggest Bonefish caught by a Grey's Point guest is 16 pounds with quite a few fish in the 12 - 14 pound range landed; 8 - 10 pound fish are not unusual and there are reports of 20 pound bonefish.

Novice Fisherman
If you are a novice flats fisherman or have never experienced flats fishing Grey's Point Bonefish Inn is an excellent place to start or expand your experiences.  Our highly professional and experienced guides possess an in-depth knowledge of flats fishing; they have the patience of Job and have the eyes of an eagle.  By the end of your trip you will have a solid foundation of knowledge about how to fish the flats, gained casting skills for fishing the flats under different conditions and understand the habits of the Bonefish.

Off Shore / Deepwater Fishing
Fun, exciting, big fish action!  The action can get pretty crazy when you get into a school of tuna or grapple with the wild and crazy Wahoo.  Tuna can run to over 200 pounds; smaller tuna average 10 to 15 pounds and are a lot of fun on light tackle or a fly rod.  Tuna are available during the entire year.  Dorado and Wahoo are seasonal.  Spring is an  excellent time for tuna;    winter  is an excellent  time for Wahoo. Horse-eye jacks and amber jacks can range to 25 pounds.  Fish caught off shore can be bought back to the lodge and prepared for dinner. Barracuda are abundant all year and average over 30 pounds. 

Our offshore, 23-foot fiberglass sportsfisherman boat can fish 2 people comfortably and accommodate up to 4 people.  All tackle is provided.  

Fly fisherman:  If you want to fly fish offshore bring your own rods, gear and flies.  Fly fisherman should contact us for more information about fly selection and what works well.

Off shore or reef fishing can be a relaxing alternative to consider after a few days of flats fishing.