Before You Go

The US government passed a law earlier this year making it mandatory for all US citizens traveling to the Bahamas and the Carribean to have a valid US passport or you will be denied re-entry to the US

A vaccination against yellow fever is required ONLY if you are arriving from an infected area.  No special shots are required.

Tourist Card

Upon entry into the Bahamas you will complete a tourist information card.  A copy will be given to you, do not loose it; upon departure you will surrender it.

Departure Tax and Customs

There is no sales tax in the Bahamas, however there is a departure tax of $15.

Customs, Duties and Taxes - United States visitors can take home $600 worth of duty free goods; the next $1000 is taxed at 10%.  For more specific information and specific regulations check with your country's customs office.

Time Zone

The Bahamas is in the Eastern United States Time Zone

Special Needs
The mail boat /supply boat arrives at Acklins Island once a week on Wednesdays.  If you have special dietary needs please let us know well in advance of your arrival so we may accommodate your request.    Bring everything with you that you will need for your stay.  For the adventurous minded soul the mail boat has passenger accommodations.  The trip from Nassau takes approximately 24 hours and arrives at Spring Point - check with us for schedules.

Food and Drink

Food and water are safe in the Bahamas.  During your stay all meals are prepared for you.  Bottled water and soft drinks are complimentary and beer can be purchased by the bottle at the lodge.  The beer of the Bahamas  is Kalik, 5% alc./vol. ( Any other beverages should be brought with you.


The Bahamian national language is English.
The US dollar is at a par with the Bahamian dollar.  The US dollar is accepted all over the Bahamas so there is no need to exchange your money.  Cash should be used for anything purchased at the lodge.  Credit cards are not accepted at the lodge.


Electricity is 120-volts/60 cycles, which is compatible with all US appliances.


There is a pubic telephone in the main lodge.  Telephone calls can be received.  An international telephone card can be purchased prior to your arrival or in Nassau.

No Internet connection is currently available.