The Comforts of Great Food and Amenities

Grey's Point Bonefish Inn is about 20 miles North of the Spring Point Airport.  Newton Williamson, owner, will pick you up at the airport in one of the two vans used for transportation. Newton's quiet and gentle nature gives you the first clue at what you can expect -- a family run business that prides itself in making your trip as relaxing, pleasurable and as memorable as possible.  

Traveling the 20 miles north from the airport at Spring Point, you get a glimpse from the van at the sheer numbers, beauty and vastness of the flats that await you. You will be amazed at the raw beauty of the area. You may pass a car, or not, in the 20 mile trip to Grey's Point Bonefishing Inn.   By the time you reach the main lodge your heart is pounding with anticipation. 

As the van turns into the driveway, the familiar Grey's Point stucco entry wall, painted traditional Bahamian aqua and pink greets you and points the way to the main lodge.  A minute later you are at the top of the driveway at the main lodge and guest rooms.  You step out of the van and just when you think the views can't get any better you take your first glimpse of the surrounding area from the lodge.  There, located only 200 feet from where you stand, are some of the finest Bonefishing flats in the world with a view to match.  Resist taking that first picture - wait till you see sunrise and sunset!  The urge to fish is overwhelming.  Time for lunch and orientation.

Shirley Williamson, chef extraordinaire, and Lavanda, assistant, have prepared lunch.  During lunch Shirley and Garron Williamson, head guide, orient you to the facilities, the immediate area, and the fishing.  Questions about the area, where and how to fish are answered.  After lunch get your gear in order, string your rod, wade fish, get the casting kinks out or, just rest and relax and enjoy the view and sun.   Fish the flats in front of the lodge and to the left and right, or canoe across the front flat and channel to the flats directly across from the lodge.  This is about a 6-minute canoe trip for two people.

Coffee is ready at 6:30 am.   Your day starts at 7:30 with breakfast. After breakfast, guides are assigned and it's time to go fishing.  Fish, have fun and may the wind and sun always be at your back.

Everyone will enjoy the solitude and beauty of Grey's Point and the sunsets on the deck, particularly while sipping on a Kalik (national beer).   The day's fish tales, coupled with tan smiling faces and a slower pace all make Grey's Point an ideal fishing destination.