About Acklins Island

Acklins Island is located about 250 miles southeast of Nassau in the southern Bahamas Archipelago. Acklins is a long, narrow, hilly island 50-plus miles long cut from limestone with  incredible natural beauty. The best part of Acklins is its massive white sand flats that line the island's entire shores.  There are flats everywhere you turn.    

The Island is very remote and undeveloped. The population is around 500 people.  Electrical service was installed and connected to local residents in the early 1990s. The major source of income for the island residents is commercial fishing and the harvest of Cascarilla bark which is used and an ingredient  to flavor Campari liquor as well as the native Cascarilla liqueur, which is exported.  There is a gas station, small food store, post office and some small local restaurants. Services are extremely limited on the island.  There is some private land ownership but most of the island is crown land and generation property.

There are 10 small settlements.  The largest settlement, Salina Point, has 100 residents and is located at the southern end of Acklins Island.